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About us

Service Pack Trade is an embodiment of modern complex solutions in the field of consumable packaging materials, packaging technologies and logistics equipment.

Service Pack Trade has a great experience and qualification, which allows solving technical problems of any complexity, taking into account all your requirements.

We successfully develop projects for packaging confectionery, snacks, cereals, pasta, spices, coffee, tea, bakery products, frozen vegetables and fruits, frozen semi-finished products, and non-food products.

We offer a wide range of equipment, ranging from simple hand-held and semi-automatic packaging machines, which aren’t expensive, very versatile and reliable and can solve many production problems. And also automatic machines and production packing and packing lines, with high productivity, which will be appreciated by the companies of medium and large business.

At us you can order various packing consumables, flexible rolled packaging, ready-made bags and packages. All these products can be made for order, with full-color flexographic printing and requisites of the customer, or simply in the form of an impersonal non-printed package.

Our design department will develop the best packaging for you and embody your boldest ideas.

Due to our extensive experience in the development, sale, maintenance of equipment and packaging materials, our specialists know and understand the problems of our partners’ industries and find solutions for each individual case.

Contact us, we will discuss the goals of your company and help you find the perfect solution for your business.

✓ Packing equipment             

✓ Packing and consumable roll materials

✓ Polyethylene film (PEVD, HDPE)

✓ Manufacturing of bags and sacks of any size        

✓ Wicket bag

✓ Paper packet

✓ High-quality printing up to 8 colors

✓ Lamination of any roll materials in 2 and 3 layers

✓ Prepressing

✓ Design development

✓ Kitchen accessories and cleaning

Sincerely your team «ServicePackTrade».

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