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BOPP metallized film

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BOPP metallized film

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BOPP Polypropylen films

Polypropylene film for packaging is considered one of the most popular packaging materials on the market, and all thanks to the fact that the polypropylene transparent film is the basis of a fairly strong, reliable, and at the same time cheap packaging.

Along with this, such material has a transparent and light structure — with it the products are easy to see even in the packaging. The production of polypropylene film is now established all over the world, and its scope allows us to provide a packaging polypropylene film of an enterprise with large production capacities and the smallest economic needs.

  • Types of BOPP films:

Three varieties of BOPP film:

➢ Transparent packaging film. There are two types:

➢ Packing film without a heat-sealable layer is transparent, which is used to pack any kind of food products (packing tea, cereals, sugar) and is the basis of a modern adhesive tape. Such a film ensures the preservation of the package even in the case of storing products with a high fat content. The second type of such a film is used for packaging flowers and certain types of food products.

➢ Coextruded polypropylene film BOPP, which is used for special purposes — it can withstand extreme negative temperatures and allows you to store packaged products in freezers. Such packaging isn’t afraid of high temperatures up to +100 degrees. At the same time, its structure remains intact, and the properties of the packaged goods are the same (not counting the thermal effect). And the second kind of this type of film is metallized polypropylene packaging, which allows you to protect the product from fats, gases, odors.

Such a packaging material has high barrier properties, is resistant to tearing and mechanical influences.

Extruded polypropylene film is used for packaging tea, ice cream, chips, confectionery products — all those types of products that must be reliably protected from the influence of external temperatures and odors. You should buy polypropylene film of this type in the case of the need to package medical products, cigarettes.

The thickness is from 15-40 microns.

Metallised polypropylene film. This film has a one-side heat-sealable layer, possesses similar properties with a transparent BOPP film. It is an opaque polymer material that has aluminum sputtering. Due to this, it has higher barrier properties, which prevents the penetration of ultraviolet, gases, grease, steam and foreign odors into the package. It is also very often used for laminating and creating a special package consisting of two or more kinds of film.

 It is most often used for food packaging (chips, tea, ice cream, snacks, nuts, etc.) and non-food items (medical goods, etc.)

The thickness is from 15-40 microns.

  • Pearly, pearly polypropylene film (often called white)

This white (pearly) opaque wrapping film has a double-sided heat seal layer, the most commonly used for packaging (ice cream, confectionery, milk curds and bars, soap, etc.). Due to its whiteness with flexographic printing, colors on this kind of material are more saturated and bright, in comparison with a transparent polypropylene film.

The most commonly used thickness is 30-35 microns.

  • Characteristics of BOPP films: 

The main distinguishing features are the perfect appearance of gloss, high barrier properties, which are especially evident when laminated polypropylene films with other types of packaging materials, resulting in two-layer or three-layer films.

This material protects the product from extraneous smells, ultraviolet light, water vapor, mechanical damage and temperature changes.

BOPP film is supplied in rolls, in the form of a cloth,

➢ Width from 50 mm to 1500 mm,

➢ Thickness from 15 - 40 microns.

If necessary, you can order from us packages made of polypropylene film.

  • BOPP film properties:

➢ Resistance to acids of vegetable origin, fats, sugar

➢ Has no odor

➢ Non-toxic

➢ Resistant to bacteria, fungi, algae

➢ Resistant to low temperatures

➢ Has a strong, rigid structure - resistant to mechanical influences

➢ Heat-seal ability

➢ Adjustable shrinkage of material

➢ Suitable for laminating

➢ Suitable for dyes and metals

Due to such properties, BOPP film has become in demand in many areas of industry and production, almost like a POF film. It can be bought for packing food and non-food products, in particular for such special products as perfumery, animal food, dairy products and even frozen vegetables and semi-finished products.

SERVICE PACK TRADE offers you to buy polypropylene film for packaging, which has long won a high reputation in the modern market. In our assortment we offer a packing film, the price of which is always up-to-date with the market, and you can rely on the reliability of the delivered products.

Call us or leave an order on the site, and we will contact you as soon as possible so that you receive the right products in a timely manner!

Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and the whole of Europe — we are ready to supply packaging materials and equipment to all regions, countries and cooperate with many large companies from central and Eastern Europe.

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SKU 100262
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