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ECO Packing

Wood ECO Packing

Beech baskets - natural eco-packaging, premium class, very popular, designed for packaging confectionery, fruits, berries, gifts, as well as a wide range of food and non-food products. Baskets (trays, tubes) are made of planed veneer hardwood (beech, oak and ash), which provides a longer shelf life of packaged products.

One of the types of this package are bowls and veneer baskets for mushrooms, strawberries, grapes, berries, vegetables, fruits and other food products. Packing made of veneer is made of natural wood, environmentally friendly, does not contain impurities harmful to human health and chemically active substances. Storage of products placed in it contributes to better safety and at the same time the shelf life of products.

The attractive appearance of your products in our baskets (trays) can significantly increase sales. As decorating elements for packaging in beech baskets you can use wooden wool. Storage of products does not lead to contamination and contributes to better preservation of products placed in them.

  • Scope of application:

Service Pack Trade offers a wide range of baskets, trays and boxes of different types and sizes for packing:

 ➢ mushrooms,

 ➢ berries,

 ➢ vegetables and fruits,

 ➢ nuts,

 ➢ confectionery products,

 ➢ gifts and decor.

It is also possible to make beech baskets for various shapes and sizes.

The material obtained from hardwood for making baskets does not contain wood tar, which can negatively affect the taste of food stored in baskets. In addition to the fact that this package is environmentally friendly for the consumer, it does not require the cost of disposal after use, unlike plastic and polyethylene packaging, which pollutes the environment.

  • Benefits:

➢ Eco-friendly packaging.

➢ Original appearance, the product is perfectly remembered by the buyer.

➢ Premium packaging, emphasizes the image of your product.

➢ The tree "breathes", keeping the optimum humidity inside the    package, which increases the shelf life of the product.

➢ Disintegrates when recycling, not clogging the environment.

  • Main characteristics:



Product type:

160х80х60 mm

from 0,3 - 0,4 kg

For champignons, plums, cucumbers, tomatoes.

150х120х60 mm, 150х120х80 mm

from 0,5 kg

mushrooms, plums, cucumbers, tomatoes, cookies, strawberries.

170х120х110 mm, 205х120х85 mm

from 1 kg

For champignons, plums, strawberries, cucumbers.

205х160х80 mm

rom 1,200 - 1,400 kg

For potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms, fruits.


from 1 kg

For potatoes, carrots, chicken eggs - 10, 15 pieces.

295х140х55 mm

from 2 kg

For berries, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms.

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