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Polypropylene packing bags

Polypropylene packing bags

Polypropylene is a synthetic material possessing the universal operational features. This makes it irreplaceable in the production field of packing films and transparent bags for pre-packing of both food and non-food products.

Polypropylene packing bags have an attractive glossy shine. They are transparent enough to let customers view how the items inside actually look. When adding the high level of resistance to stretching, compression, damaging, solidity and durability on top of that then it becomes obvious why exactly the polypropylene bags are so popular.

Our company offers pre-ordered polypropylene bags for wholesale, both with and without images inflicted on the bags. We can also create an exclusive packing design upon client’s request. We have a wide polypropylene bags assortment of different configurations:

➢ Regular transparent packing bag – the most popular type of packing bags. It can be of different sizes and thickness and aimed for packing food and non-food, household goods and medicines. 

➢ BOPP film packing bag with adhesive tape and valve - doesn’t require sealing and can be opened and closed multiple times. It is aimed for packing stationery, textile, polygraphic products, souvenirs, CDs, etc.

➢ Bag with euro slot - is being used for packing various products which are placed on the special racks in the stores. You can order a bag with your own logo and contact info.

Contact our experts to get the price of your order. They will conduct all the calculations, based on the required order volume, bag size, type and density of the material, the number of colors for image infliction.

Place your order for pricing calculation and we’ll contact you shortly.

We guarantee an excellent quality and fast turnaround. We deliver throughout the whole European Union using leading logistic companies. Call us right now!round. We deliver throughout the whole European Union using leading logistic companies. Call us right now!

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