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Wicket bag

Wicket bag

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Polypropylene and PE wicket bags for bread packing (CPP wicket bag)

Wicket bags are most commonly used for bread packing, bakery products, chicken. Wicket bags are being produced with a rectangle and round bottom, transparent and with full-color flexographic printing and are being used for both automatic and manual packing.

The main materials that are being used for wicket bags production are polypropylene (CPP) cast film and High-Pressure Polyethylene. Bag thickness may vary from 20 to 60 µm and depends on the weight and the size of the product, bag operations conditions and season.

  • This current type of packing bags has numerous features, some of them are as follows:

➢ Firm side seam

➢ Cost efficiency and easy-to-use

➢ High durability and transparency

➢ Supplied in bulks with clip 

Polypropylene film along with other synthetic materials are the raw materials for wicket bags production. They allow freshly baked bread to be packed and then help it to remain fresh for a long time.

We offer high-quality wicket bags at an affordable pricing for large and small wholesale. We guarantee each and every order fulfilling in a timely manner. Upon client’s request, we can inflict a logo and company details onto packing surface. The size and the density of the materials are being picked individually.

Upon individual request from the client, we can also produce wicket bags with round bottom, additional ventilation holes, valve perforation for the easier opening during the manual packing process, and bottom fold which affects the volume increase of the filled bag.

To get the details and pricing for your order contact our managers via phone indicated on our website or send us a pricing request.

We are ready to deliver wicket bags to any place throughout the country.

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