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Shrink-wrapping machine

Shrink-wrapping machine

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Shrink-wrapping machine

Shrink machines are specialized equipment that is designed for shrink wrapping of various products. You can buy such equipment at our best prices at our company, which is the largest distributor of packaging machines with the highest quality indicators.

Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and the whole of Europe — we are ready to supply packaging materials and equipment to all regions, countries and cooperate with many large companies from central and Eastern Europe.

  • Depending on the method of usage, heat shrink machines are distinguished:

➢ Automatic,

➢ Semi-automatic,

➢ Manual.

Manual shrink machines, which you can buy at our company, are really compact and economical packaging solutions. They are ideal for those companies that do not require high process performance. The film is soldered by means of a clip of a frame made by hand. A distinctive feature of such equipment is the ease of use and maintenance.

Semi-automatic shrink machines are used to optimize a number of operations. The operator will only need to wrap the shrink film with the goods that need to be packed, and then — place it properly for soldering. The remaining operations - sealing, the direction of production on the conveyor belt in the shrink tunnel - are performed automatically. Thanks to this, we can talk about a significant increase in the speed of processing products.

Automatic shrink machines are the equipment that has the greatest productivity. In this case, the operator's work is limited to selecting and entering the desired program, as well as general process control. Thanks to this, you can significantly increase productivity. In such machines, there are all the necessary sensors to build in the production line.

  • Series of machines BSF

➢ Simultaneous formation of seam and shrink film

➢ Sealing knife with PTFE coating (Teflon)

➢ Adjusting the height of the packing table inside the chamber

➢ The location of the outer table and the roll is fixed independently, which makes it easy to adjust the table to the size of the product

➢ Electromagnetic lock significantly reduces the pressure of the operator on the frame of the knife and ensures the formation of a better weld

➢ Camera cover opens automatically

➢ Air cooling of the machine body

  • Control system:

➢ Panel computer with alphanumeric LCD screen

➢ 16-bit microprocessor

➢ memory for 6 programs (work cycles) allows you to increase productivity and simplify the use of the machine

➢ counting the number of packages

➢ Adjustable parameters:

➢ adjustment of the sealing temperature

➢ adjusting the time of heat shrinkage

➢ adjusting the shrinkage temperature inside the chamber

➢ delay in heat shrinkage start

➢ knife frame lifting delay

 Longer service life of solid-state relays

✓ Films: pvc, polyolefin

✓ Reduced power consumption

 Thermo tunnels

In the chamber of a thermo tunnel, the pre-formed group or single package is blown with the hot air. In this case, the special shrink film (PVC, polyolefin, polyethylene) shrinks, repeating the contours of the objects to be packed.

Thermo tunnels can be both components of packaging lines, as well as individual units of packaging sites, equipped with additional equipment (angular or linear sealers of different degrees of automation).

Depending on what kind of products you need to pack, we complete the thermo tunnel with the optimal version of the package forming unit, the obligatory element of which is the sealer.

  • Sealers can be linear or L-shaped (angled).

Shrink packaging machines are used to create an aesthetic, hygienic and reliable packaging, which accentuates the appearance of the products. Shrink machines are used to pack food products - cheese, meat, vegetables and fruits, because this method allows you to extend the shelf life of perishable goods.

  • In our catalog the equipment for shrink wrapping is represented by such devices:

➢ Chamber-type shrink machine (semi-automatic) - used in small enterprises. They are compact, reliable and economical devices, work with which does not require qualification. Welding and pruning of films are carried out automatically;

➢ Shrink tunnel machine - consists of a sealer and a shrink tunnel, which are equipped with separate conveyors.

➢ Sealing, cutting and shrinkage of the film are carried out as separate operations, which ensure a greater productivity of tunnel machines;

➢ Thermo tunnels - dimensional devices, consisting of two units: film-welded and shrink. The heat shrink unit has the form of a tunnel through which the transporter passes. It is advisable to buy a thermo tunnel for large-scale production.

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