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Flexographic printing

Flexographic printing

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  • Multi-color printing on films

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SERVICE PACK TRADE offers you multi-color printing on films of different types and formats.

Today, the way of advertising businesses through printing on film becomes more and more popular. Packaging film serves as a recognizable element that works on the image of the manufacturer. Our company offers a modern color printing on the film, which allows you to put on the packaging company logo, any inscription or a complex picture.

Packing film with flexographic printing is an effective advertising tool.

It attracts the attention of the buyer, allows you to remember an interesting design solution and easily helps the next time to find the right product among the mass of various offers. Packaging with multicolour printing is the face of the product, its attractive appearance is of interest and contributes to the increase in consumer demand. These tasks help to realize large-format high-quality printing, which is performed on a variety of films and packaging materials.

SERVICE PACK TRADE uses modern equipment of recognized world manufacturers, which makes it possible to receive beautiful quality print. At the same time, a worthy ratio of "price-quality" of our products corresponds to the level of the international market.

We bring to your attention the printing of an individual package on flexible roll materials flexographic.

Flexography (flexographic printing, flexographic printing) is the most popular method of modern printing with paints on flexible materials for packaging food and non-food industry. When printing, polymer printing plates (clichés) are used, which are installed on special shafts (shaped shafts) of different diameters.

To date, flexoprinting is one of the most popular ways of obtaining images on different types of materials (polypropylene, paper, foil, polyethylene, corrugated cardboard, etc.)

We suggest printing on polypropylene (BOPP) film and other special films.

  • We provide a wide range of services that are sure to interest you:

design creation of a logo or label layout;

production of a cliche, by means of which the printing on the necessary flexible material will be carried out;

change and complement your corporate identity;

Multi-color individual flexo printing on roll materials, as well as manufacturing of various packages with printing;

Production of multilayer composite materials with flexoprinting and without;

A comprehensive solution for selecting the optimal type of packaging, material and packaging equipment for your products;

Delivery of finished products to you for production.

Contact SERVICE PACK TRADE, and we will find a solution for any problem!

  • Types of films, technical characteristics and scope of use, for the production of multilayer films with flexoprinting and lamination:


Application and properties

PET with "twist effect" (metal, transparent)

- packing of sweets, caramels "in torsion" and "sachet";

- modern appearance;

- good quality "twist-effect".

Single-layer BOPP transparent, metal.,

- for sealing the product of the economy segment;

Wht, Foamed

- barrier on ultraviolet (metallized).

BORP transp. or matted + BOPP transparent.

- standard composition with interlayer printing, can be used both on vertical and horizontal packaging machines (flow-pack);

- the presence of a "window" that allows you to see the product;

- the mechanical strength is higher than that of a single-layer package;

- a presentable appearance, an original color rendition on a matted film.

BORP transp. or matted + BOPP metal. or white foamed.

- standard composition with interlayer printing, can be used both on vertical and horizontal packaging machines (flow-pack);

-barrier on ultraviolet (metallized).

- a presentable appearance, an original color rendition on a matted film.

PET transp. + BOPP transp. or white.

- for packaging on horizontal machines, incl. High-speed with high temperature sealing;

-high gloss;

-  higher barrier properties;

-  increased mechanical strength, rigidity, puncture resistance.

BORP transp. + Foil Al

- for packaging of sweets "in the dome";

- gorgeous appearance, good hanging

- an excellent "twist effect"

Laminated foil with PE

- packaging for butter and margarine, ice cream in a briquette;

- keeps the form well;

- high hygiene;

- barrier, incl. to sunlight;

- high manufacturability.

PET + PE white.

- packing for mayonnaises, ketchups, sauces, incl. in the doy-pack;

-  keeps the form well;

-  maintenance of operational and consumer properties at low temperatures;

-  a high barrier in gas, fat;

-  high manufacturability.

PET + Foil Al + PE

- suitable for hot packaging of ketchup, condensed milk, incl. in the doy-pack;

- high gloss, keeps the shape well.

 Thanks to the use of foil in the packaging for such food products, the following are achieved:

- high strength and tightness, puncture resistance, stiffness;

- the highest barrier on gas, ultraviolet.

BOPP transp. or matted + BOPP metal. Or white foamed.

- packing for ice cream, cheese;

- a winning appearance, the original color rendition on a matted film;

- barrier on ultraviolet (metal);

BORP transp. (Mats) or PET transp. (Mats) + PE

- packaging for products of deep freezing: pelmeni, vareniki, fruits, vegetables, shrimp and other seafood, etc .;

 - presentable appearance, original color rendition on matted film;

- high strength of film and seams, resistance to freezing;

- high barrier properties (PET);

- manufacturability when used on vertical filling equipment.


Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and the whole of Europe — we are ready to supply packaging materials and equipment to all regions, countries and cooperate with many large companies from central and Eastern Europe.

Wide-format printing on film is considered an excellent way to increase product recognition — the customer remembers the products and can easily find it next time. At the same time, a beautiful package of goods always attracts attention, which positively affects sales.

For printing on polymer films, our company uses the most modern equipment from the world's best manufacturers, that's why we guarantee the excellent quality of printing on film, and the price of the service is always available and corresponds to market indicators.

SERVICE PACK TRADE offers a flexographic method of brand printing on film.

Flexo printing is considered the most popular type of printing on film — it is a simple and cheap printing method, which is widely used by the food industry. The print quality is considered acceptable, and the image is printed quickly and accurately.

Our company is the best supplier of printed products; we are interested in creating a large regional network!

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Together with the film with flexo printing and special composite films, customers often order from us the following equipment and materials:

➢ A series of automatic (UFU 5) and semi-automatic (UFU 3) packing and filling vertical machines.

➢ A series of simple floor and desktop packaging machines.

➢ Auxiliary equipment.

➢ Ready-made bags: Paper,polypropylene and polyethylene bags,sacks.

➢ Packing multilayer film with flexographic printing or transparent films.

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