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Stretch wrap film

Stretch wrap film

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Food Stretch-film - package number 1

 The most common food stretch film. Convenient packaging in small rolls of different footage and width allows you to use it both in everyday life and at work: from small businesses to industrial giants. With its help you can store meat, cheese, vegetables and fruits, creating a sealed environment for them. Dust, dirt, foreign smells, tightness, moisture - this modern type of insulating materials will cope with everything.

  • Benefits:

Six important functions of food stretch:

➢ Strength and extensibility;

➢ Moisture and grease resistance;

➢ maintaining its properties over a wide temperature range at rather low and high temperatures;

➢ barrier functions for mold fungi and gases (resistance to penetration of foreign smells);

The most significant advantage of this type of film in its barrier properties. It perfectly protects the packaged product from penetration of foreign smells. Smells of meat products and confectionery products do not apply if you pack the goods in a stretch film. And the microclimate of the refrigerator will not change from their presence, no matter how long they are stored in it.

➢ one of the most economical types of packaging, thickness from 7 -14 microns, due to which not high cost of film per unit of product is achieved;

➢ Transparency and shine.

In SERVICE PACK TRADEyou can buy food stretch and shrink POF film in bulk. We supply our products to partners of large European countries, such as Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic. Our equipment and materials are in demand in central and eastern Europe.

Wholesale prices are much lower than retail prices.

Contact our manager to discuss the order.

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