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Polyolefin shrink film (POF film)

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Polyolefin shrink film (POF film)

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Polyolefinshrinkfilm (POFfilm)

  • Description:

Shrink films based on polyolefin are analogous to PVC, but surpass them in strength (impact resistance, tensile strength and puncture even at 40 ° C, which allows to use thinner films where thicker films were previously used) and mechanical properties (friction coefficient), and also give a higher shrinkage upon heating. Polyolefin film has a high transparency and glossy shine. It is resistant to oils, fats and solvents.

  • Characteristics of POF films:

The film has a low specific gravity compared to the PVC material (PVC density is 1.25 to 1.4 g / m3, POF is 0.92 g / m3).

➢ POF film is supplied in the form of a half-sleeve width of 150-1000 mm.

➢ Thickness from 12 - 25 microns.

  • Scope Application and use:

Used in the same industries as the PVC analog. And more specifically: for packaging food and non-food products, perfumes, cosmetics, piece and confectionery products, boxes of sweets, meat and semi-finished products, cheese, perfumes, cosmetics and much more. Polyolefin film (POF) is suitable for both manual and semi-automatic applications, as for high-speed, as well as dome packaging machines.

Packaging material is versatile due to its technical features, high transparency and strength characteristics, and excellent heat-shrinkage factor.

  • Field of application of polyolefin film:

➢ Food industry

(Packaging of vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry, fish, frozen foods, tea, etc.)

➢ Confectionary industry

(Packing boxes for biscuits and sweets)

➢ Bakery industry

(Packing of bread and bakery products)

➢ Products for fast-food enterprises

(Packaging disposable dishes, convenience foods, sandwiches, pizza, fast food)

➢ Cosmetic industry

 (Packaging of perfumes and cosmetics)

 Currently, the polyolefin film is becoming increasingly widespread, gradually displacing the PVC film from many applications.


➢ High tensile strength

Excellent sealing of the packaging, strength of the weld

➢ High heat shrinkage

Heat shrink when heated> 60%, the film is very plastic (soft), which is especially good for products with specific shapes. When heated, absolutely has no specific odor, and also prevents the ingress of oxygen and gas inside the package

➢ Strength and uniform thickness

High elasticity and tensile strength, excellent tensile strength, transparency and excellent gloss at packaging

➢ Resistance to low and high temperatures

When stored up to -35 ° C it doesn’t lose its properties, at + 35 ° C it isn’t self-shrinking.

A universal packaging film, based on a three- or five-layer shrink material, is called a polyolefin shrink film. This type of film is used almost everywhere in the packaging industry, it has a special composition and it is often supplemented with a barrier layer for even greater protection of cargo. Polyolefin film is unique in that due to its multilayer structure it is able to withstand high temperature and mechanical loads. The POF film is designed in such a way that each layer of its multilayer structure has its own base, which, when a defect occurs, doesn’t impair the protective properties of subsequent layers.

  • POF film has a number of important advantages over traditional PVC film:

➢ Ecological compatibility. In the composition of this type of film there is no chlorine, so even when the package is heated, it remains absolutely safe for humans and the environment. In addition, the PEOP film doesn’t have a smell, which can be transmitted to foods packed in film.

➢ Protective properties at temperature exposure. The film can be stored and used even at high temperature fluctuations. The packaging material retains its properties both under heating and under minus temperature conditions. For example, under the influence of low PVC temperatures, the film becomes brittle, at the same time, even at the very coldest temperatures down to -40 degrees, the film doesn’t lose its properties and strength. At the same time, the resistance of the film to high temperatures is often important - in strong heat PVC film can shrink and spoil spontaneously, whereas such properties of the POP film are not different.

➢ Economical. Due to the high strength of the polypropylene film, it turns out to be more economical, because where the traditional film has to be changed several times because of breaks, the polypropylene film shows high strength and durability. In addition, because of the small thickness, one roll of polypropylene film is wound on 20% more material than a roll of PVC film, so there is always more material in the roll.

➢ Strength. Even if we compare PVC film with a Polyolefin film (POF) of lesser thickness, the second packaging material will always be more durable and longevous. The polypropylene film has high protective properties, which make it possible to prevent both thermal and mechanical loads on the package.

➢ Versatility. The polypropylene film has a number of important advantages over PVC film, and to change the usage of this type of film it isn’t necessary to change the packaging equipment.

Due to its unique features, the POF film is now considered to be an indispensable packaging material in the food, confectionery, bakery and cosmetic industries, and is also widely used in fast food establishments.

In the company SERVICE PACK TRADE you can buy shrinkable POF film.

Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and the whole of Europe - we are ready to supply packaging materials and equipment to all countries, we cooperate with many large companies from central and eastern Europe. Call us or leave a request on the site, we will answer all questions.

  • Related goods and materials:

Together with POF film, you can order shrink packing equipment, ready-made bags and bags:

When using polyolefin films, it is possible to use equipment designed for other types of shrink films.

Shrink packaging machines are used to create an aesthetic, hygienic and reliable packaging, which accentuates the appearance of the products. Shrink machines are used for packaging food products - cheese, meat, vegetables and fruits, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, piece and group goods.

  • In our catalog the equipment for shrink wrapping is represented by such devices:

➢ chamber-type shrink machine (semi-automatic) - used in small enterprises. They are compact, reliable and economical devices, work with which doesn’t require qualification. Welding and pruning of films are carried out automatically;

➢ shrink tunnel machine - consists of a sealer and a shrink tunnel, which are equipped with separate conveyors. Sealing, cutting and shrinkage of the film are carried out as separate operations, which ensure a greater productivity of tunnel machines;

➢ Thermo tunnels - dimensional devices, consisting of two units: film-welded and shrink. The heat shrink unit has the form of a tunnel through which the transporter passes. It is advisable to buy a thermo tunnel for large-scale production;

➢ Automatic shrink lines. They consist of a preparatory one- or multi-roll device forming a package, a cutting and sealing film, and a thermo tunnel in which the film is heated and thermally shrinks. The performance of such machines is very high.

 Our company offers to buy shrink equipment that meets any production requirements. Our range will satisfy the demands of the most demanding production workers. If you are in doubt, what kind of device you need – call, our specialists will help you.

Quality, guarantee, competitive price for shrink machines and thermo tunnels are our main advantages. Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and the whole of Europe - we are ready to supply packaging materials to all regions, countries and cooperate with many large companies from central and Eastern Europe.

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