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Stretch (STRETCH) pallet film 500 mm (20 mkm) 2,1 kg.

SKU: 1002411

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Stretch (STRETCH) pallet film 500 mm (20 mkm) 2,1 kg.

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Stretch (STRETCH) pallet film 500 mm (20 mkm) 2,1 kg.

  • Description:

Stretch film is a modern, polymeric, elastic material that allows high-quality packaging of goods during palletizing. Also, with the help of a film, it is possible to safely transport and store the packaged goods.

This material makes it possible to protect products from aggressive external influences, greatly facilitates loading and unloading operations, reducing time costs. Unconditional film pluses is a large stretch factor (up to 330%), the presence of a sticky inner layer, impact resistance, puncture resistance.

STRETCH film is the leader in the field of packaging materials. Its use is justified for the palletizing of goods of any industry. Due to its excellent characteristics, it provides a reliable fastening, without requiring additional strapping of belts or the use of staples. The material is consumed quite economically, due to the special elastic structure and properties of the film "pre-strike".

Company SERVICE PACK TRADE offers a huge selection of STRETCH films of different formats, thickness and length of winding. In the catalogs the basic versions of the film are shown, but at the request of the customer it is possible to manufacture the product according to the specified parameters.

  • Types (STRETCH) of films:

➢ Stretch film for machine packaging;

➢ Stretch film for manual packaging.

Film for machine packaging: types, characteristics, operating characteristics

At large enterprises, a palletizer is used to package the goods in a stretch film. The types of film used depend on the characteristics of the packaging material and the types of cargo.

1. Film with prestreich 150%. Used for light loads, because it has a moderate type of strength. Suitable for cars in which there is no pre-strike mechanism.

2. Universal film with prestrach 220% - 250%. Used for light loads in cardboard packages and goods of medium gravity. Suitable for machines of various types, both having the option of pre-strike, and without it.

3. Hard stretch film with prestrech to 220%. Used for heavy loads. This packaging material, which has a high density and a large pulling force. It has excellent characteristics for packing goods even with a high weight, preserves individual cargo units and commodity groups during transportation. The film has a special outer layer with anti-stick coating. Therefore, the pallets, even being very close to each other, do not stick.

4. Film with prestrech above 300%. Used in factories with large production volumes. Suitable for pallet wrappers with high packing speed. The film has excellent elasticity, high strength, puncture resistance, so it allows for economical use in large-scale volumes.

Stretch Film for manual packaging

Stretch film for manual winding is used in enterprises with small production capacities for packing small loads in pallets. For its use, no additional equipment is required. In this case, even hand-packed operator, the cargo remains protected from damage, dust, dirt, moisture. Manually packaged goods or their group are protected from embezzlement.

You can buy a stretch film for hand winding cargo at a bargain price right now. Call us or leave a request on the site.

4 key parameters that you need to pay attention to when choosing a stretch film:

1. Length and width of roll

2. Thickness

3. Weight of the sleeve

4. Roll weight

How film thickness affects the quality of packaging

As with any other packaging material, in the case of stretch film thickness is important. A film with a small thickness is suitable for the packaging of light loads, and a pallet film with a large thickness — for overall heavy goods.

Recommendations for thickness selection:

➢ Thickness 17 microns - ordinary loads

➢ 20 microns - weights with a large weight and dimensions, possibly with sharp edges

➢ 23 microns - packing of heavy solid cargo (tiles, blocks, bricks)

Color stretch or 1 more additional film advantage

The ideal way of color coding of goods — at times simplifies the unloading and sorting of packaged products according to their intended purpose.

Film in UV protection: in which cases is it a non-alternative packaging

If you expect to store packaged products in the open air for more than 60 days, the optimum solution for this will be a stretch film in bulk with protection from UV rays.

The fact that an additional protective layer allows you to extend the life of the packaging when stored in the sun. Otherwise, less than one season under direct sunlight, the packaging will collapse and the cargo itself will be unprotected from dust, sun, wind and rain. This is really a reasonable price for a durable packaging material.

Do you want to buy a stretch film wholesale with benefits?

Large and medium-sized deliveries of materials in a timely, profitable and pleasant discount for regular customers - all this you get, cooperating with our company.

Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and the whole of Europe - we are ready to supply packaging materials to all regions, countries and cooperate with many large companies from central and Eastern Europe.

Call us right now and get high-quality stretch film for your production at competitive prices from a reliable supplier - SERVICE PACK TRADE. For wholesale and regular customers we always have favorable discount offers.

9 undeniable advantages of stretch film that make it the ideal packaging for your production:

1. Reliably and firmly fixes the groups of goods in the package

2. Economical material consumption due to stretching

3. Prevents cargo damage and pollution

4. Creates a tight sealing layer

5. Due to a transparent base or a certain color of the package, you can control the quality of the delivered goods

6. Low cost of packaging material

7. Has high resistance to piercing

8. Suitable for usage in a wide temperature range

9. Unlike scotch or adhesive tape doesn’t leave marks on the product and its main packaging.

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Additional Information
SKU 1002411
Packing type Roll
Width mm 500
Length m No
Thickness μm 20
Material type PE
Film assignment Technical packaging
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