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  • UFU 3 model 1 UFU 3 model 1
  • UFU 3 model 1 UFU 3 model 1
  • UFU 3 model 1 UFU 3 model 1
  • UFU 3 model 1 UFU 3 model 1
  • UFU 3 model 1 UFU 3 model 1
  • UFU 3 model 1 UFU 3 model 1
  • UFU 3 model 1 UFU 3 model 1
  • UFU 3 model 1 UFU 3 model 1
  • UFU 3 model 1 UFU 3 model 1
  • UFU 3 model 1 UFU 3 model 1
  • UFU 3 model 1 UFU 3 model 1

Vertical semi-automatic packing machine UFU-3 (model 01)

SKU: UFU 3 (1)

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Quick Overview

Vertical semi-automatic packing machine UFU-3 (model 01)

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Vertical semi-automatic packing machine UFU-3 (model 01)

  • Description:

The designation of the model UFU 3 (model 1) is prepackaging and packaging a wide range of food and non-food products in multi-layer or polypropylene film, in semi-automatic mode.

Semi-automatic facility UFU-3 (model 1) is a very popular and common filling machine.

This facility is very compact, versatile and allows you to solve many production tasks.

The width of the package changes by replacing the tube - (the node forming the width of the package). In the basic configuration, this unit is supplied with the required width specified by the customer. The replacement of the tube takes about 20 minutes.

Packing unit UFU-3 (model 1) works with a polymer film. The equipment operates in semi-automatic mode. Weighing is done automatically.

The range of weighing doses is from 30 to 2000 grams. The unit has 15 programmable dosing regimes.

The operator can independently change and set the dosing regimes.

  • Product types:

Pellet, mixed fodder, dry food for animals, sugar, pasta, cereals, nuts, snacks, various mixtures (building, soil). And other food and non-food products that are easy to flow, without prone to sticking and clumping .

  • Productivity: up to 15 doses per minute

The precise production and productivity of this semi-automatic filling machine depends on the skill of the operator, the dose, the volume density and the type of product.

  • Dosing range: from 100 to 7100 grams.
  • Packaging type: Polymer films, multi-layer polymer roll materials.

1. Three-sided cushion pack

2. Three-sided cushion bag with punching under the handle

3. Three-seam cushion with tucked edges

  • Benefits:

✓ Mobility, compactness and versatility;

✓ Easy to use and maintain;

✓ Low price;

✓ Reliability. 12 months warranty and staff training;

✓ Post-warranty service.

  • Possible equipment:

➢ Feeding and discharging conveyors, storage tables, which allow to create a production line, with a full technological cycle and increase productivity;

➢ Machine version with protective box for moderately bulk products UFU-3 (model 1-1)

➢ It is possible to make the unit for (packing large-sized and inclined to stick together products) UFU-3 (model 1-2);

➢ It is possible to make the facility with removable hopper, trays and buckets UFU-3 (model 1-3);.

➢ Execution of the machine for working with a wide film - to produce a large package (in size and volume). It is possible to use a film up to 730 mm wide, the package height up to 480 mm). UFU-3 (model 1-4);

➢ Possibility of execution with 2 electronic weighing batchers, with increased capacity, UFU-3 (model 04);

➢ Possible execution for packaging small doses from 0.5-100 grams, UFU-3 (model 05);.

We produce equipment on request, based on your requirements, dimensions and height of the room, volume and weight of the product.

  • Associated goods and materials:

Along with this equipment, customers often order from us ready-made packaging - a multi-layer packaging film with flexographic printing and without requisites, paper, polypropylene and polyethylene bags, bags, stretch film.

Additional Information
SKU UFU 3 (1)
Capacity, pcs/min max 15
Maximum weight tolerance set bу operator
Measuring range, kg 0,03-2,0
Film width, mm max 520
Bag length, mm max 360
Supply voltage/frequency, V/Hz 220-230/50
Power, kW 1,0
Overall dimensions, mm max 1200 х 1000 х 2400
Batch hopper capacity, l min 72
Machine weight, kg max 150
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